Important Information for Romanian participants!

Due to the agreement between Romania and Republic of Moldova, the border crossing from one country to the other is not requesting a visa, meaning Romanian citizenships can travel to Moldova simply with an valid identity document -

According to the actual legislation in Republic of Moldova, the law Nr. 215/04.11.2011 please note the following important details: 

Chapter IV, Section 2, Art.17, alin.(1), d); to avoid any unpleasant situations at the RO-MD frontier, your ID in original is mendatory. 

Also it is very useful to have a printed list, signed and stamped, with the logistics you are carrying, having the details of the products and their scope. 

Between Romania an Moldova there are 6 land border crossing points:

a) For auto transport:

b) Auto and Railway traveling:

c) Railway:

Starting from March 1st 2015, for all cars registered in Romania, the drivers must pay (right after entering Moldova) proprietarii autoturismelor înmatriculate în România vor fi nevoiți să achite, la intrarea în regiunea transnistreană a Republicii Moldova, the value of an insurance policy, issued by their local authorities and the Moldavian Vignette.

Any auto driver must have a legal empowerment from the car owner, specifying he is empowered to drive the car. 

The insurance policies can be obtained in the transnistrian area, from the customs service in Tiraspol.

Starting from March, 1st 2018 in Moldova are "green cards" will be used. They are released by the Romanian companies for auto insurances and policies issued by the Moldavian profile companies.


Rules for residential and non-residential persons regarding the currency introduction/removal:

 Declaration form 

  The amount of foreign currency or the equivalent of Moldavian currency 

 Written Declaration  

 At entrance

 At the exit


 Up to 10.000 Euros

 Up to 10.000 Euros


 More than 10.000 Euros

 From 10.000 up to 50.000 Euros