Oral presentation

Oral presentations will be held in Romanian or English, with power point slides (visual support) binding in English. Submission shall remain the property of the author and shall not be used without permission. We recommend uploading your work at least 3 hours before presentation to the speaker’s secretariat or directly in the conference room before coffee breaks or lunch.

The timeframe for the presentation are as followed: 10 min for oral presentation and 3 min for poster presentation.

Technical specifications:


E-Posters must include the following:

POSTER TITLE (size: 20; bolded; spacing: 1rand)
List of authors + affiliations (size 14; italic, spacing: 1 row)
The text must be 1 line spaced and the size is 12. Justified.

Recommended Fonts:
- Arial
- Times New Roman
- Tahoma
- The electronic poster must contain ONE SLIDE, which will include all the texts, graphs, tables, etc.

- As can be seen in Fig. 1., it is recommended that the slide be set to "WIDESCREEN".At the same time be on the 16: 9 aspect (see Figure 2).

Size settings are accessed from the "Design" menu  followed by Fig.2.- Slide Size (Widescreen 16: 9)  then proceed to Fig.1. for verification, where the same Widescreen option is selected.
No video or audio frames can be inserted in the poster format.

Fig. 1. Recommended size
Fig. 2. Apect ratio

You can download the EPOSTER model using the following link: Download model